About Us_


Native Federation of the Madre de Dios River and its Affluents 

We are the regional organization that represents 37 communities in the department of Madre de Dios, two of them located in Cusco, grouped into seven indigenous peoples. Fenamad seeks to defend the rights of the Amazon, guarantee respect for life and preserve their territory.





Monitor and demand compliance with national and international norms that guarantee the rights of indigenous peoples and communities.


Efficiently represent the indigenous communities of Madre de Dios and channel their proposals and demands to the State and civil society.


To design, manage and execute, in a participatory manner, plans, programmes, projects and activities aimed at promoting the well-being of indigenous communities in the organizational, territorial, economic, cultural, educational and health aspects.


Consolidate the political-organizational positioning and programmatic functioning of the regional organization.


What we hope for the future is to see:

«Indigenous peoples of Madre de Dios consolidated and developed with full autonomy and identity».

Indigenous leader addresses CCNN problem


On January 18, 1982, the First Congress of FENAMAD or Foundational Congress began in the indigenous community of Boca Karene, with the presence of delegates from the communities of Diamante, Boca Inambari, San José, Puerto Luz, Shintuya, Pukiri and Vuelta Grande or Shiringayoc.

Pueblos Indígenas_

Madre de Dios se caracteriza por tener una diversidad étnica y cultural personificada en hombres que habitan estas tierras desde hace unos 3 mil años y que pertenecen a siete grupos lingüísticos.


FENAMAD, is the parent organization of the indigenous peoples of the region. With the aim of defending the rights and promoting plans, projects and actions for the welfare of the indigenous peoples of Madre de Dios…