PIACI – Territorial reserves_

Indigenous peoples in isolation and initial contact


Indigenous peoples in isolation and initial contact

They are those peoples or part of these that have chosen not to establish relations with the rest of society for security reasons, given that they have survived traumatic experiences such as epidemics, slavery and massacres during the time of rubber exploitation in the Amazon.

Isolated peoples live in:

  • Tropical forests and/or difficult areas.
  • Non-traffic accesses.
  • Places that very often have great natural resources.
  • For these peoples, isolation has not been a voluntary choice but a survival strategy.

1.5 Million hectares

According to the Ministry of Culture, in a state of «high health
, territorial, socio-cultural and demographic vulnerability
» due to contact with
populations outside their group.

12 PIACI Groups

  • Protectors of Fauna & FloraMore than 900 species of fauna, 520 species of birds and 2,500 varieties of flora have been recorded there, including some that are «endemic and endangered».5,000Individuals in Peru

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